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Kidding Supplies

Bottle Brush

This brush is designed to clean all areas of the nursing bottle. The large end will easily reach every corner and bend of the nursing bottle, while the small end is ideal for freeing residue from the nipple.


Bottle Brush
This pop bottle brush features a flexible head to fit through narrow heads of different types of bottles. $8.65

Mouth & Nose Bulb

Used with weak kid kit. $1.50

Clamp, Umbilical
Sized for Goats, Sheep, Pigs and Puppies or smaller animals. Leave on animal for 3-5 days and remove. Reusable. Used to stop death by bleeding. Also to prevent infections.
KS118 Pkg of 100 $28.05

Lamb & Kid Colostrum Oral Gel (Durvet)
30 ml tube

A nutritional product for newborn goats and lambs, which contains a source of live (viable) naturally occurring microorganisms, dried colostrum milk and vitamins. The colostrum provided in Colostrum Gel supplies a source of maternal antibodies and protein.

Lamb & Kid Paste (Durvet)
15 ml tube
Protects lambs and kids during the critical first 24 hours.
-Aids in the control of scours
-Gives lambs & kids an immediate energy boost at birth
-Use at first sign of health problems and to supplement colostrum
-Protective coating allows bacteria to be used with antibiotics
First Arrival® Paste for Kids and Lambs (Agrilabs)
15 g
Enhances the natural immunity of lambs and kids when administered within 24 hours after birth. Bolsters lambs and kids immune systems, helping them cope with scours by providing 280 organic acids which help the gut to resist pathogens. Dose within 24 hours of birth or later and following stress. Repeat as necessary. Administer orally on the back of the tongue. 2-3 g to newborns, 5-8g for up to 10 lbs, and 10-15g for over 10 lbs of body wt.
Nursemate ASAP Colostrum Supplement
30 ml tube

A high quality colostrum supplement, plus an effective appetite stimulator containing special proteins, vitamins and lactic acid-producing bacteria in an easy-to-use syringe. The syringe contains 2 doses and provides a quick and easy solution to getting newborns up and nursing as soon as possible. Give as soon after birth as possible.


Goat Colostrum
9oz jar with scoop
Soluble Powder source of live lactobacillus, dried colostrum and vitamins A, D3, E, B12.
Powder: 1 tsp in milk or milk replacer - One 9oz jar feeds 15 goats for 5 days
Kid's Choice Total Colostrum
700 gm
Contains 23% colostral fat and provides 4.4 g of globulin proteins per kg of body weight per feeding to maintain body temperature, build immunity and prevent infection. Use to supplement or replace doe colostrum. Especially effective to prevent the spread of diseases including CAE, Johne's disease or caseous lymphadenitis, that can be transferred through infected colostrum.

The Natural Choice - No blood serum. No cheese, whey or eggs. No artificial ingredients. Made only from all natural real bovine colostrum.

700 gm tub provides up to 20 kid feedings

Lamb's Choice Total Colostrum
700 gm


A natural feed supplement that provides the energy, immunity, and nutrition needed by newborn lambs.

Includes the high levels of colostral fat necessary to maintain body temperature, build immunity and prevent infection.

Use to supplement or replace ewe colostrum.

700 gram tub provides up to 20 lamb feedings


Anti-scours powder supplies antibodies per dose that block the k-99 e-coli disease process. Feed to calves as soon as possible after birth. Mix 1 pkt with 1 1/2 qt of lukewarm water and administer as the 1st feeding. Each pkt contains 1 lb (454 grams) per dose. $11.65
Colostrum Supplement, Sav-A-Caf® Ultra Start™
16 oz bag
Provides 45gm of IgG per lb. Made from 1st milking bovine colostrum from certified herds. No blood proteins, no risk of BSE. Fortified with 26 vitamins and minerals. Formulated with BIOMOS to support intestinal health and antibody absorption. Early use increases disease resistance and improves growth and health. Provides nutrients needed at birth to calves, foals, goat kids, lambs, pigs, fawns, elk calves, llama and alpaca crias and puppies.
Grade A Ultra 24 Multi Species Milk Replacer
4 lb bag

High quality multi-purpose milk replacer for dairy and deer calves, lambs and kids, foals, fawns, elk calves, and crias (llama) as a nursing supplement in puppies and kittens.

Made with 100% milk proteins for superior digestibility and performance. Mixes easily, contains 24% protein, 24% fat with balanced levels of vitamins and minerals.

Also recommended for use as a dry feed supplement to encourage intake during weaning period.

  8 lb bag  $23.75
  25 lb bag $66.50

(Trophy Animal Health)
16 oz
High calorie liquid containing a maximum of nutrition to be used alone with animals unable to eat solid food or as a supplement to help gain weight and resist stress conditions. For calves, goats sheep, pigs and pets. Goats and sheep: give 1oz 3x per day.
KS112 Qt $15.25
KS113 Gallon $43.75

Gestation Calendar
Alpacas $6.25
Gestation Calendar
Goats $5.95
Gestation Calendar
Sheep $5.95

Gloves, Latex Exam
10 Pack $0.85
MS111 Box of 100
Non-sterile, examination gloves, ambidextrous. Choose your size: Small, Medium or Large.

OB Shoulder Gloves

 Package of 10 $3.95
32-323CT Package of 100  $10.95

16 oz spray
Triple source of iodine tincture 7%. Antiseptic and disinfectant. For topical application to disinfect superficial wounds, cuts, abrasions, insect bites and minor bruises. May be applied to navels of newborn animals. Stable and will not crystallize.

VETERICYN® Umbilical Naval & Udder Gel Trigger Spray
16 oz spray
Use Vetericyn® Umibilical, Navel & Udder Gel as an aid in the management and acceleration of the healing process of navels, umbilical cords, udder sores, wounds, cuts, abrasions, skin irritations, skin ulcers, post surgical incision sites, burns, rashes, and wound odors.
VETERICYN® Super 7+ Navel Dip Trigger Spray
16 oz spray
Use Vetericyn® Super 7+ Navel Dip as an umbilical cord dry-out and protective solution for newborn animals. This effective and completely safe formula has been developed strictly for the purpose of animal umbilical cord dry-out. Super 7+ Navel Dip is formulated with ingredients that are safe for animals and the environment. Super 7+ Navel Dip dries down the umbilical up to 50% faster than the competition.

Lubricating Jelly Sterile Non-Spermicidal
(First Priority Inc) KS115
5 oz flip top

A sterile non-spermicidal water soluble lubricating jelly for all types of medical procedures.


Professional Lubricating Gel
8 oz $5.40 

Lube Jelly
(Aspen Vet)
One Gallon with pump

A top-quality, effective, non-sterile general purpose lubricant. This one gallon container is sold with a dispenser pump for ease of use. The large size can be used to refill your smaller containers. Ideal for all procedures which do not require our Sterile Lubricating Jelly. 


Nipple, 5/8"
Caprine Style
Caprine style nipples made in Wisconsin.  Nipple fits through a 5/8" hole in pail. (In metal pails which have thin walls a 9/16" gives snugger fit.) Nipple fits onto most pop bottles. $2.80

Nipple, Lambsaver
Replacement nipple for standard pop bottle to feed lambs. Tan gum rubber with x-cut. $1.25

Nipple Pritchard Teat
Fits most plastic drink bottles. This is the number one seller. Has a metal valve inside which allows air to flow in smoothly but helps control milk flow.
Nipple, Tubes
Clear plastic tubes, 12" long. Use with Caprine nipples. $0.50


Bucket, Lamb
1 Nipple $17.95

3 Nipple $24.95
Lamb & Goat Feeding Bucket

NOTE: Feeder is shown with optional Bucket Holder Ring, available separately.

This lamb and goat feeding bucket is the easy way to properly feed lambs and kids. Complete unit consists of 3.5 gallon polyethylene bucket with lid, ten nipples, ten feeder tubes plus tube-cleaning brush. Bucket holder ring is ordered separately. Bucket is 10" high with top diameter of 12" and bottom diameter of 10.5". Wt. 5 lbs.

CS-119CB Optional Bucket Holder Ring $24.15
Milk Bar Nurser for Lambs & Goats
10 Station
The easy way to give milk to goats/lambs that don’t require hand-feeding. Exclusive nipple design slows down gulping which prevents choking and also promotes salivation, which is essential for proper digestion and stomach development.  9 gallon capacity. $145.50
Milk Bar Nurser for Lambs & Goats 7 Station

The easy way to give milk to goats/lambs that don’t require hand-feeding. Exclusive nipple design slows down gulping which prevents choking and also promotes salivation, which is essential for proper digestion and stomach development.  4 gallon capacity.

Milk Bar Nurser for Lambs & Goats 1 Station

Prolapse Bearing Retainer
The Bearing Retainer is used for correction of a prolapsed vagina in prepartum sheep & goats. It does not interfere with lambing & kidding. Clean with hot water or any reliable antiseptic.
KS130 Package of 3

Puller, Lamb and Kid
E-Z Pull
The kid puller is an instrument used during birth to correct neck and head deviation, allowing repositioning of the fetus for delivery. The device is also used to assist delivery of a fetus having a LARGE head. Can be used around lower legs to give a firm grip when assisting at the birth of a kid. $6.95

Surgical Scissors

Lamb and Kid Cradle/Sling

Carry and weigh your new lambs safely and securely with this cradle/sling


OB Leg Snare
Completely rubber, no metal to hurt the lamb or kid. Easy cleaning - just wash in warm water and dip in sterile solution. Heavy duty, made to last in the USA. $4.25

Sani-Sure Teat Dipper
Featuring durable, heavy-duty plastic construction, the Sani-Sure teat dipper is economical because the teat dip returns to the hollow handle when dipper is held vertically. Built-in clip allows user to hook dipper to belt or pail. $3.95

Digital Thermometer

Fahrenheit Scale Digital vet thermometer takes only 60 seconds to register a reading within its range of 89.6°F–106°F.


Weak Kid Kit

Complete with catheter. A must for all goat ranchers. For use on weak kids. Helps get colostrum, milk, and vitamins into stomachs. $2.85

Weight Scale
Weighs up to 26 lbs in 1 lb increments $11.15

Goat Weight Tape